The League of Women Voters hosted a forum for the District 1 City Council candidates. Check out the video to hear candidates’ answers on animal rights, rent control, homelessness, climate change, child care, police oversight, N. Berkeley BART, and more. To fast forward to Rashi’s answers, here’s a cheat sheet:

11:58 – Rashi’s Intro

18:29 – Rashi on Rent Control

21:52 – Rashi on Homelessness

29:39 – Rashi on Important Issues Besides Housing and Homelessness

33:08 – Rashi on Disparate Treatment of African American Students

36:21 – Rashi on Climate Change

39:49 – Rashi on Child Care

47:04 – Rashi on Police Oversight

50:30 – Rashi on N. Berkeley BART

52:49 – Rashi’s Closing Statement

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