Rashi knows that hard problems take strong coalitions to solve. I’m proud to endorse Rashi for City Council, because I know she will be a leader in championing effective, regional solutions. Whether it’s solving our housing and homelessness crises or standing up to Donald Trump’s agenda, Rashi will forge the alliances we need in order to work together as one East Bay community.

Libby Schaaf

Mayor of Oakland

I’m proud to endorse Rashi for City Council. As a veteran of the Community Health Commission and the Housing Advisory Commission, Rashi has been standing up on behalf of the community in the fights to save Alta Bates and support affordable housing here in Berkeley. Now, we need Rashi on City Council to continue those fights and ensure a progressive and just future for our community.

Darryl Moore

former Berkeley City Councilmember

Rashi is a new mom who will consider the well-being of Berkeley kids and families when she makes decisions. She is a consensus builder who understands that we need to work together to create homes that are affordable to young people and families if we want our kids to be able to live in Berkeley when they grow up.

Ayelet Waldman

Bestselling Author, Berkeley Mom

We need Rashi’s perspective on City Council to give voice to those who are struggling to make it in our community–teachers, artists, restaurant workers, young families, seniors on fixed incomes. She knows what it’s like to start from nothing and achieve the American Dream because she’s seen it happen in her own immigrant family. Rashi believes in listening to differing perspectives, treating everyone with dignity and respect, and making decisions with compassion and full information. She would be a breath of fresh air on the City Council.

Lori Droste

Berkeley City Councilmember

I’ve seen Rashi’s work ethic, intellectual curiosity, and ability to think critically about policy problems firsthand. She’ll work tirelessly to fight for her constituents and come up with progressive and pragmatic solutions. Rashi is ready to lead Berkeley in tackling the big challenges that lie ahead.

Jennifer Granholm

former Governor of Michigan, Distinguished Adjunct Professor at U.C. Berkeley

Rashi is smart, committed, and passionate about serving her community. Her grassroots, people-powered campaign is bringing new voices into the political process. As the daughter of immigrants and a new mom, she’s exactly the type of leader we need right now in these trying times. I’m proud to support her for City Council.

Buffy Wicks

Assembly District 15 Candidate, former Advisor to Pres. Barack Obama

Rashi has the experience we need on City Council right now. From working for the Legislature in Sacramento to managing a $900 million budget in San Francisco, Rashi knows how government works. She’ll be able to turn good ideas into real action, and help move our city forward.

Laurie Capitelli

former Berkeley City Councilmember

Shirley Issel, Berkeley School Board President (ret.)
Linda Schacht, Berkeley Library Foundation Trustee
Dorothy Walker, Leader in desegregating Berkeley public schools, former Chair, Planning Commission, Founding President of the American Planners Association, Co-Founder of Livable Berkeley
Jennifer West, Emeryville Councilmember (ret.), Emeryville Mayor (ret.)
Victoria Eisen, former Planning Commissioner, former Transportation Commissioner
Jim Novosel, former Chair, Planning Commission
Stephen Murphy, former Chair, Planning Commission
Darrell Owens, Housing Advisory Commissioner
Jill Martinucci, former Housing Advisory Commissioner
Tor Berg, former Housing Advisory Commissioner
Nicole Drake, former Housing Advisory Commissioner, former District 1 Legislative Aide

Tora Spigner, Community Health Commissioner
L. Victoria Wang, Community Health Commissioner
Alex Sharenko, Zero Waste Commissioner
Ben Gould, former Chair, Community Environmental Advisory Commission
Elisa Batista, Vice Chair, Children, Youth and Recreation Commission
Kathi Pugh, former Berkeley Rent Stabilization Board Member
Kathleen Crandall, Landmarks Preservation Commissioner, Loan Administration Board Commissioner
Olivia Anglade, Homeless Commissioner
Pam Gray, former Chair, Parks and Recreation Commission
Phyllis Orrick
Michael Caplan
Kim Kruckel
Debra Sanderson
Karen McKie

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